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Just trying to contribute this initiative, I leave comments here.

Metaverse is definitely interesting concept and potential future common sense.

Platformer is key but very tough competition since already most of mega enterprises involved.

But the contents is king at metaverse as well, so malaysia need more IP holders that can be attractive for global users for sure.

Definition of metaverse is still unclear but

My personal experience of best metaverse was fortnite. It is beyond expectations I was though it is just a video game. I suggest you to try it once. If they seriously plan to join metaverse business, they are winning I bet.

As you said Roblox is also potentially winning if they expand it to current metaverse competition.

but avatar need more excellence to attract mature users.

VR device I haven’t tried yet.

I heard that it still ride-sickness is occurring when they use it for long time. Looking forward to seeing new devices that can be solved the issue.

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Great points!

I think the term “Metaverse” is recent but exactly like you’re saying, we have experienced virtual worlds in many forms before.

Content is everything. So I do think there is a lot of upside for creators and entrepreneurs.

The experience on the Meta Quest 2 has definitely improved and will only get better.

Thanks for contributing. It’s what enriches this conversation. 😀

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